Four Social Media Marketing Trend Predictions for 2020

With the end of the year coming closer, knowing the expected trends for the new year can help get ahead of the game and start planning.

2019 saw the rise of many interesting features which helped brands stand out. Instagram shopping was introduced, Google+ was shut down, and new video publishing tools for Facebook.

Social Media will always be the easier and more affordable form to get exposure for your brand. So, What’s next for Social Media Marketing in 2020?

The Rise of TikTok

Formerly known as, Tiktok was renamed in 2017 but its popularity didn’t soar till 2019. The Chinese app did not limit itself to the Chinese market but expanded to the US as well. Targeting mostly millennials and Gen-z, in just 2 years, Tiktok influencers became a pillar for any young artist who wished to gain extra money and popularity. The streaming industry has grown substantially in the last few years; where users tune into to the life of a “micro-influencer” and watch their live feeds. There are many ways to run ads on TikTok whether it is Brand takeover, Native ads, branded videos where users recreate a “challenge” by a brand, and a similar feature as Snapchat; branded filters.
Businesses can benefit greatly from Tiktok’s success high. Food and Fashion brands are getting the best advantage from this platform but 2020 will see a rise in other fields such as automotive, Education, and even Government. Businesses should be planning their Tiktok takeover before the beginning of the year.

Growth of Social Commerce
 Platforms have shifted from simply being a way to connect to include e-commerce options which has been initiated by Facebook. More platforms have tested out the new feature for commerce through social media such as Pinterest and Google Images. Shoppers are spending less time in stores than online; social commerce makes it easier for shoppers because it shows the product, reviews, and price all as they scroll.

Commerce businesses who wish to make their users’ lives easier should get ahead of the trend and start selling on social media.

Focusing on Engagement
Social Media channels such as Facebook and Instagram have tested out new ways to increase positivity on their platform; they are hiding likes and views for content. YouTube is expected to follow suit and start hiding comments. So, what will this mean for major brands and influencers? This means good content will be the only way these users will stay online. Engaging content and creating interesting stories will be the goal for these brands wishing to stay on top. However, Posts that get lots of comments, replies or live video feed gets ranked and reach a better audience than those with just high like count and no comments or engagement.  Users want to see more engaging content, asking the right questions, live streams, and building a community within each profile. Real influence will be measured with engagement rather than simple likes. So, this will mean the end of some influencers who do not generate interesting content.

Artificial Intelligence Will be Everywhere

AI will be the most common tool used by brands for their social media growth. There are many ways where AI can guide platforms forward, the most common one is the use of chatbots and virtual assistant. These are effective to predict the best practices and eliminate the unproductive ones. AI helps with bringing instant customer service assistance to commerce businesses and cut down the costs. Moreover, AI also assists in ad targeting; it helps analyze user activity and bring ads to the right users. That can increase the success of campaigns and get a more focused input on the users to target in the future.