Increase Online Sales through PPC Ads

PPC Agency in Cochin

These days online sales are the ultimate way for online businesses to thrive. One of the most effective strategies for online advertising is PPC (Pay Per Click). These are advertisements that are paid only when someone clicks on them. In other words, the ad must be seen and clicked on by a user for you to have to pay. In this type of advertising, the advertisers only have to pay any time that a user clicks on one of their online ads. All of these searches trigger pay-per-click ads.

 In pay-per-click advertising, businesses running ads are only charged when a user clicks on their ad. Advertisers bid on the estimated value of a click about the keywords, platforms, and type of audience in which it is directed. If you are searching for PPC Agency in Cochin, then get in touch with Einten Technologies.

              PPC is an excellent marketing strategy because it increases sales, generates leads, and promotes brand awareness. PPC is directed to relevant audiences. Only users who are seeking for specific products, services and information related to your specific business will click on these ads. Therefore, the ROI is much higher than in normal advertisements. Advertisers can display a specific ad when this particular search occurs. 

The types of PPC Ads are search ad, display ad, remarketing ad, and shopping ad. 

Search ads are best for intentionally made searches, which means the user requires a product or service as soon as possible and has conducted a search to a certain problem or issue they faced. This kind of search leads to them landing on a search engine result page (SERP). As an advertiser, you want to drive sales that will target audiences who search in this manner. 

Display ads are a very efficient method of paid advertising which is used by many companies. These ads may be displayed at the top, on the side, or in the middle of web content on almost every website. Display ads are extremely effective as they reach over 90% of users on the internet. 

Remarketing ads are an excellent online strategy that works on the consumer behaviour and makes your PPC ad campaign successful and profitable. It is flexible and allows you to be more precise so that you target website visitors according to their particular interests in your website. Visitors who have visited your homepage are easily targeted for remarketing. 

Shopping ads promote your products on various search engines such as Google Adwords, Facebook ads and also shows a picture and detailed information on the products which you sell. These are similar to search ads except a shopping ad has an image, text and the price of the product inside of their ad.

In Search ad keywords are targeted, while Negative Keywords are filtered so that only pertaining ads reveal your ad in the search.  Audiences are also created upon specific page views, time spent on site, pages per visit, etc. Keyword Planner, Display planner and Automated Rules are a few more tools that are useful for PPC Marketing. If you seek PPC Services in Kerala, then contact Einten Technologies.